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We are Independent, International storage
terminal logistic company

Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm company provide services for the storage, quality analysis and logistics of fuel and energy products to our clients storage in petroleum and petrochemical industry world wide. The petroleum and petrochemical producers and the users of refined petroleum products, a tank storage systems like Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm perform vital connecting services. Our tank farm's decentralised management structure functions as a reliable system providin quality services.

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"Everyone Deserves the Opportunity of the good storage facilities"

Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm is one of the leading independent tank storage company provide our customers with tank storage and handling services for all liquid bulk and gas products. We provides vital services for connecting oil, chemicals, gas to global oil fields, oil producers, oil buyers, users of derivative products and independent terminal operators, independent storage terminals, the company uses a decentralized structure management in which each of our stores operates efficiently to maximize the satisfaction of our customers. Our storage company equipped with high technological equipment and large tank farm facilities capable of storing.

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Global Services

With Tank Storage Facilities in Russia ports, Rotterdam port and Houston port regions we can handle hasardous products such as jp54/Jet A1, Diesel Fuel (D2), Crude Oil and other petroleum.

Our Storage Reliability

Fast provission of petroleum tank storage services, based on best business models, permanent monitoring and market analysis. This helps us improve business processes.

Customer focus needs

Targeted customer focus is our competitive advantage and a condition to our work. We always try to exceed clients' expectations, just as We promote respectful attention to each other.

Storage Maintenance

We provide comprehensive, vendor-agnostic storage hardware maintenance plans to protect and optimize arrays from a range for our storage hardware maintenance services 24/7.

Approaches Maintenance

Provides an introduction to storage maintenance strategies, including reactive, corrective, predictive, preventive, reliability-centered, and total productive maintenance.

Our storage equipment

Heavy storage equipment is among most technologically sophisticated in Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm. Our customers are fully satify, state-of-the-art, data-driven solutions.

"What we do offer"

Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm leading independent oil and gas warehousing company

We run a mainstream energy infrastructure and provide logistic service for crude oil storage, Aviation kerosene (jp54), D6 and other natural gas. We own and operate an extensive network of pipelines, terminals, storage facilities.

Global oil storage company to show our clients

As major storage terminal hubs in Russia, Rotterdam, Houston. With an experience of over the years in the storage field of oil and gas tank, the Dalnevostokbunker Tank Farm group offers a large range of high quality and quantity of high performance storage.

We provide our customers with high-quality domestic and international storage services

As a progressive and innovative storage company, we are highly in tune with todayʼs and current storage market trends. As such, we are proud to offer you cutting edge ideas and concepts to meet your everchanging business needs.